OrangeGear™ 18" Traffic Cones



OrangeGearTM's 18" 3lb orange traffic cone comes with an optional 3M reflective collars. 

  • 18" height
  • 3lb. weight
  • Optional 3M reflective collars
  • Cone collars are recessed for easy stacking
  • Recycled black rubber base
  • Easy grip top

Brochure: OrangeGear™ Traffic Cone Brochure

OG183OB   OG183LB  OG183O6B  OG183L6B 
OG183OB OG183LB OG183O6B OG183L6B
 18"  18"  18"  18"
 3lb.  3lb.  3lb.  3lb.
 Orange Cone  Lime Cone  Orange Cone Lime Cone
 Black Base  Black Base  Black Base Black Base
  3M™ Reflective Collar 3M™ Reflective Collar
 Data Sheet  Data Sheet  Data Sheet  Data Sheet

OrangeGear™ Safety Products are traffic control and personal protective safety products that bring high quality, high performance and high visibility to the market at a competitive pricing structure.  From our heaviest DOT approved traffic cones to our smallest hard plastic corner pockets, every OrangeGear™ brand product delivers high levels of both safety and confidence to the products end user.



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